TOP-100 Best Restaurants of St. Petersburg

Spring 2017 60 experts (Chefs, critics and restaurant owners) selected 100 best restaurants of St. Petersburg. As a result Antenna Daily together with published a guide “TOP-100 Best Restaurants of St. Petersburg”.

Au Pont Rouge

Au Pont Rouge is one of the first department stores built in the world. Founded in 1907, it was reopened after 108 years in 2015.

DLT Department store

Built in 1909 the building’s façade mixes modernist and art nouveau influences, popular at the turn of century.

Russian afternoon tea in the Mezzanine Café

Enjoy a delightful Russian afternoon tea in the elegant Mezzanine Café at Belmond Grand Hotel Europe. From the savoury dark Borodinsky bread with Baltic herring and hot smoked trout and red caviar to the sweet petites bouchées and Russian vatrushkas this will be an unforgettable experience. Available daily from 14:00 to 18:00. Visit web site Belmond […]

Chop-Chop barbershop

Chop-Chop is a premier Moscow-based barber shop chain with a relaxed attitude and a focus on traditional gentlemen’s hair cuts.

Grand Hotel Europe

A cultural and culinary landmark, the hotel has played a central role in the life of the city for 140 years.

Eliseevy Merchants’ Shop

In the center of St.Petersburg, at the corner of Nevsky prospect and Malaya Sadovaya Street locates a famous oldest Russian gastronom – Eliseevy Merchants’ Shop.

TSAR restaurant

Each visit to the Tsar restaurant is like a dive into the history of traditional Russian cuisine in its most exquisite form. The restaurant treats its guests to gastronomic traditions of the Tsars’ kitchen.

Caviar bar and restaurant in Grand Hotel Europe

Experience the finest Russian cuisine in a stunning art nouveau setting at St Petersburg’s only caviar restaurant. Choose from a superb selection of caviar served atop delicate blinis, crisp, cold vodkas, light snacks and delicious full courses. Indulge in a delightful dinner, accompanied by sophisticated jazz music. Treat yourself to the decadent signature dish ‘Egg […]

Palkin restaurant

A legendary restaurant of the same name was established on this spot in 1785. The formal and elegant interior evokes those bygone days, though the present incarnation has become a bit worn around the edges since its Yeltsin-era heyday. You’ll still feast like an aristocrat, on such dishes as chicken with morel sauce, venison with […]

Restaurant Dom

Dom, a restaurant of contemporary Russian cuisine is located in the very heart of the historic district of St.Petersburg, in the building of a XIXth century mansion overlooking the Moika river and St.Isaac’s square. The restaurant’s interior is a fine example of the New Classics style: understated and aristocratic, elegant and refined. All its details […]