Erarta Restaurant is located within Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art on Vasilievsky Ostrov. The concept of the restaurant perfectly corresponds to the very essence of the occupied space.

Distinctive and creative approach turns both the interior and recipes into the works of art. Erarta dishes are perfectly paired with selections from its unique wine collection.

The restaurant has two dining halls that can accommodate up to 100 people. In the warm season the restaurant is happy to welcome guests on the summer terrace.

At the helm of the kitchen is Artem Grebenshchikov. He is a member of the Craft Guild of Chefs and a coach for WorldSkills Russian cooking team. He was also called the best Chef of 2017 by the experts of “TOP 100 Restaurants of St. Petersburg”.

For many people today food is no longer merely a source of nutrition. For me, cooking is a creative process. When creating a dish, I get a real emotional experience, which I can then share with other people.

– Artem Grebenshchikov

The key concept behind every seasonal menu is the choice of the right foods that meet the highest quality standards.

When creating a dish, Artem emploies both the classical and modern techniques, taking into consideration features and properties of the products used. Thus, the food unleashes its full potential, reveals the complexity of textures and clarity of taste.

Chef pays extra attention to the presentation and the aesthetics of a dish. Erarta menu is consistent and designed in a single style that corresponds to the relevant space and time.

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Erarta restaurant
2, 29th line, Vasilievsky Ostrov, St. Petersburg, Russia. Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, Floor 1
+7 812 334 6896

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