A cultural and culinary landmark, the hotel has played a central role in the life of the city for 140 years.

A truly iconic building, it stands on Nevsky Prospekt among the city’s great architectural treasures—renowned for its impressive façade and decorative interiors.

Positioned adjacent to Arts Square, it is one of the most glamorous hotels in St Petersburg, Russia.

Belmond Grand Hotel Europe has strong associations with the worlds of theatre, music and dance. A stay here shows you the true spirit of the country, especially during the White Days of winter, when snow lies outside and a warm welcome awaits within.

The iconic Historic Rooms enjoy lovely views of Arts Square and the Philharmonic Hall. They are located on the Historic Floor, where all accommodation features dramatic high ceilings, preserved historic décor and exclusive butler service.


Dostoevsky Suite – Historic One Bedroom Suite
The literary genius Fyodor Dostoevsky was a frequent guest of Belmond Grand Hotel Europe.

Fans of Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov will note that this is a corner suite. The author and many of his characters lived in corner rooms, as they were perfect for observing life outside.


Imperial Yacht Suite – Historic One Bedroom Suite
In 1871, Tsar Alexander II launched the royal yacht Derzhava. Those lucky enough to step aboard were captivated by its unprecedented opulence.

This suite, decorated in fresh, nautical colours, tells the story of the exceptional ship, evoking the lifestyle of those who sailed with her.


Fabergé Suite – Historic One Bedroom Suite
Carl Fabergé, goldsmith to the Romanovs, is today renowned as one of the greatest jewellers of all time.

This suite is swathed in pink, lilac and gold tones to reflect the precious stones and metals found in his works. Antique pieces, evocative of the turn-of-the-century, complete the elegant atmosphere. The result is a perfect sanctuary for a unique luxury honeymoon.


Mariinsky Suite – Historic One Bedroom Suite
Decorated in the light blue tones also found inside the Mariinsky Theatre, this suite has a wonderfully theatrical ambience. Fans of dance and music will adore the artwork, which brings to life great moments and personalities from St Petersburg’s cultural scene.


Romanov Suite – Historic One Bedroom Suite
Members of the Imperial Russian dynasty regularly visited Belmond Grand Hotel Europe. The last emperor, Nicholas II, held many diplomatic receptions here.

The suite named for the Romanov rulers has a suitably palatial atmosphere. Decorated with antique furniture featuring rich, gold ornamentation, delicate chandeliers and portraits of Russian nobility, the suite is fit for a Tsar.


Rossi Suite – Historic One Bedroom Suite
The celebrated Italian architect Carlo Rossi designed many of the buildings that give St Petersburg its allure. The façade of Belmond Grand Hotel Europe and the ensemble of Arts Square are among his many achievements.

This suite is decorated in classic white and yellow—the colours that grace so many of his masterpieces around the city. Its clean lines reflect the skilful way in which he combined Empire grandeur with elegant simplicity.


Amber Suite – Historic One Bedroom Suite
This rich, warm-hued suite takes its name from the famous Amber Room at Catherine Palace. The suite’s living room is decorated with a reproduction of the cartouche featuring the initials of King Friedrich Willhelm of Prussia.


Stravinsky Suite – Deluxe Historic One Bedroom Suite
One of our Historic Executive Suites, this suite is dedicated to the great composer Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky. When he returned to Russia after living overseas for 48 years, Belmond Grand Hotel Europe was his first port of call.

Inspired by his revolutionary composition The Rite of Spring, the suite is decorated in fresh, joyful hues of leaf green.

Pavarotti Suite – Deluxe Historic One Bedroom Suite
The celebrated Italian tenor stayed in this suite during his 2004 tour of Russia. Its interior evokes the world’s finest opera houses, and the bold, red and gold colour scheme reflects Pavarotti’s dynamic presence.

The walls are decorated with photographs of the maestro with other well-known personalities.

Lidval Suite – Deluxe Historic One Bedroom Suite
Fyodor Ivanovich Lidval was one of the greatest early 20th-century architects to work in St Petersburg. A master of the art nouveau style, Lidval helped to redesign Belmond Grand Hotel Europe’s interiors between 1908 and 1914.

This suite features a large living room with a winter garden on an intimate, glass-covered veranda. Beautifully-restored stucco adorns the room’s walls. The spacious bathroom features marble and contrasting lacquered wood.

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