Ever wondered what Russian food is really like? With guided tours from restaurant experts of Antenna Daily you can get the feel and taste of modern and traditional Russian cuisine.

Each culinary experience from Antenna Daily is unique. During 4-6 hours tailor made private tours (for small group of 1-4 people) you will taste the best of Russian cuisine – one of the most diverse, healthy and colourful in the world.

No turist spots and more than just caviar, pelmeni, vodka and borsch. You will visit local markets and food shops to buy the best of local food souvenirs, drink vodka and Russian wine in trendy bars, or may be tea and freshly brewed coffee in historic coffee shops and lobby bars with fresh cakes and pastries, and what about new Russian cuisine with fresh local ingredients.

Each tour is tailor made so we will select the best for your tastes.

Price: 50 EUR per person
Food sampling costs are not included in the cost of the tour.

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St Petersburg culinary tour. Modern and traditional Russian cuisine experince

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