Dom, a restaurant of contemporary Russian cuisine is located in the very heart of the historic district of St.Petersburg, in the building of a XIXth century mansion overlooking the Moika river and St.Isaac’s square.

The restaurant’s interior is a fine example of the New Classics style: understated and aristocratic, elegant and refined. All its details from antique furniture and works of art to a private collection of paintings create the sensation of solemn and deliberate passage of time.

Once inside Dom you find yourself in the grand historic hall that divides the restaurant’s space into two wings. The left one houses the Enfilade consisting of two cozy and bright dinner halls with the windows facing the Moika. Right after the Enfilade comes the Chimney Hall with its more serene and austere style. However, the radiant pearl of the left wing of the restaurant is the Library with its collection of classics of French and Russian literature. The Library is a perfect place for those who wish to spend time only among friends and relatives.

Restaurant Dom

The right wing houses the music parlour, ideal for all kinds of events: from camber-style jazz performances to corporate parties and rocking family events, and the Art Bar where one can enjoy authentic wines from the best Russian wineries.

The restaurant kitchen is managed by a young and talented chef Valery Gorinov. Focused on a mix of the cuisines of the regions of Russia and author’s interpretation of traditional dishes, masterfully, he turns cooking into a real art.

With love and devotion we have elaborated every detail of our restaurant to make you want to come back.

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