Смотрим, наслаждаемся, вспоминаем о лете…

… и подпеваем!

Ooh, ooh, yeah, alright
That summer girl, she keeps me dreamin’

While every heart is flutterin’
She walks the street outside
Sets every pulse a-racin’
They’re looking, she don’t mind
Summer girl
Oh that summer girl
And she don’t care for money
‘Cause she got all she needs
Got legs like liquid honey
Eyes the colour of the sea
Oh that summer girl
You know
While every wolf is whistling
And every dog’s a fool
She knows they’re so bereft
Of everything she thinks is cool
Summer girl
Oh that summer girl
And I’ve got a midnight crisis
It’s taking over me
No tricks for sweet seduction
No stealing fantasies
From summer girl
No diamonds or pearls